Apollo Plus Grooved Strapping

Apollo Grooved Strapping

A new look for Apollo strapping. Still strong and durable, its appearance is enhanced by two grooves along either edge. These grooves not only look great, but help with stitching, and prolongs the life of the stitching.

Apollo Plus Grooved Strapping is slightly thicker than the Apollo Strapping and measures 2.9mm thick. It is available in satin or matt finish.

Below is a table of strapping widths, and the reel lengths they can be purchased in.


Sizes and available lengths

Apollo Plus Grooved 13mm

50M roll or 450M reel

Apollo Plus Grooved 16mm

50M roll or 400M reel

Apollo Plus Grooved 19mm

50M roll or 350M reel

Apollo Plus Grooved 25mm

50M roll or 300M reel