Apollo Strapping

Apollo Strapping

A hugely versatile product. Its uses range from stirrup straps, girths, halters and reins to dog collars. it can also be used in marine environments, or strapping for sporting equipment. Apollo is hard wearing, and able to withstand extremes of weather and temperature with little or no maintenance. Below is a table of strapping widths, and the reel lengths they can be purchased in.

Sizes and available lengths

Apollo 10mm
4 x 25mtr rolls or 500mtr reel
Apollo 13mm

50mtr roll or 500mtr reel

Apollo 16mm

50mtr roll or 450mtr reel

Apollo 19mm

50mtr roll or 400mtr reel

Apollo 22mm
50mtr roll or 350mtr reel
Apollo 25mm
50mtr roll or 350mtr reel
Apollo 32mm
50mtr roll or 250mtr reel
Apollo 38mm
50mtr roll or 200mtr reel
Apollo 44mm
50mtr roll
Apollo 50mm
50mtr roll
Apollo 63mm

50mtr roll 50mtr roll