PN Series Strapping

PN Series Strapping

Leatherite’s heavy duty strapping option for demanding applications. Thicker than the Apollo at 3.6mm in the 13mm and 16mm widths. A more substantial 5mm thickness for the 50mm products.

Available in the same extensive range of colours as the Apollo range, and made from the same high quality materials. The PN Series range is suitable for replacing heavy thick leather applications.

The 25mm and 32mm PN Series Strapping have a weave pattern to help withstand eye strain where holes are introduced to the product for buckling.

Below is a table of strapping widths, and the reel lengths they can be purchased in.

Sizes and available lengths

PN 13mm x 3.6mm

25mtr roll or 400mtr reel

PN 16mm x 3.6mm

25mtr roll or 350mtr reel

PN 19mm x 3.8mm

25mtr roll or 300mtr reel

PN 22mm x 4.6mm

25mtr roll or 250mtr reel

PN 25mm x 4.6mm

25mtr roll or 200mtr reel (250mtr export)

PN 32mm x 4.6mm

25mtr roll or 175mtr reel

PN 38mm x 4.6mm

25mtr roll or 125mtr reel

PN 44mm x 4.6mm

25mtr roll

PN 50mm x 5.0mm

25mtr roll